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7th Street Theater is a half hour dramatic series about five Christian actors who perform a weekly stage show for their community.

The theater is owned by Mr. Wheeler, who purchased it for the purpose of providing entertainment with a Christian message that people could enjoy in a theatrical setting. Rudy Thompson is the producer and director for the theater while Joanna is the office manager.

The cast performs shows every weekend, and during the week, after they have selected a specific theme to do for that particular weekend show, they write and act out scenes in trying to convey their message.


Season One of 7th Street Theater contains 24 episodes and first premiered March 3, 2007 on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. It then began airing on other networks and overseas later that year.

Season Two of 7th Street Theater contains 20 episodes and premiered November 22, 2008 on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Season Three of 7th Street Theater also contains 20 episodes and first premiered October 21, 2013 on SAFE TV.

Watch for FREE the very first episode from 7th Street Theater - "The Commercial"
The Commercial

An interview with writer, producer, director DAVE CHRISTIANO
about the series, 7th Street Theater.
Dave Christiano

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