Death Row - DVD

Death Row DVD
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Sale Price: 10 copies on dvd for $10

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Released in 2010 by Dave Christiano Films
Convicted of murder, a man named Benson (Shane Willimon) sits hours before his scheduled execution as an angry, guilty, and scared man. At his request for a preacher (Hugh McLean), the two engage in a soul searching conversation. This special evangelistic episode from Season 3 of the TV series 7th Street Theater is a penetrating drama that takes you inside a prison cell and the life of a man who knows that in less than three hours...he will die. If you want to know what's really most important in life, listen to a man who is on death row.

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  • Cast: Shane Willimon, Hugh McLean, Johanna Jowett
  • Writer-Producer-Director: Dave Christiano
  • 28 Minutes, Drama, Closed Captioned
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